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Importance of Video SEO

Video SEO stands for Video Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as VSEO. It’s very similar to SEO in the fact that the process of VSEO is trying to get your videos to achieve high, visible rankings on major search engines through video optimization and other factors. More and more businesses are turning their Internet marketing focus towards Video SEO as video is becoming increasingly popular with the online community, and the success of YouTube is proof of that. In fact, over 70% of people online watch online videos according to the New York Times. The audience of consumers watching videos about products, services, companies, tips, and demonstrations is rapidly flourishing.

Google and other leading search engines love videos, which is why you’ll notice so many video results when performing a search on search platforms like Google. Comscore reports that 38% of Google Universal Search included video in its search results – that’s an amazing statistic. Businesses left and right are producing content in the form of video, but these businesses rarely submit these to search engines properly. National Video Works, a division of National Positions dedicated to providing Video SEO solutions, can ensure your company’s videos are effectively created, optimized, and ranked so you see measureable business results from your video marketing.

Video SEO with National Video Works

Your company may already have a great video made, but your video needs strong visibility and high rankings on major search engines so people can easily view your video and so you can generate more leads from your video. National Positions provides effective solutions for video search engine optimization needs with National Video Works by utilizing industry knowledge and expertise. Here are some factors of success National Video Works can implement into your Video SEO strategy to ensure success.

National Video Works can provide video production solutions for your company if you don’t have a video produced. Our expert team can set up and manage a YouTube channel for your company so your business it where it needs to be – the most popular video search engine today. Other features include video optimization and embedded video integration on your website which is a crucial aspect of an effective Video SEO campaign. National Video Works will promote your videos through reviews and powerful linking strategies, as well as track and communicate video metrics to you.

National Video Works can help you dominate more visibility on major search engine results and submit your video to major video sites like YouTube while properly formatting the video’s content. Our experts will help your business produce its next video, gain video visibility by achieving higher rankings, boost video views, target consumers with researched keywords, and give your company the competitive advantage it needs in the growing Internet marketing area of video marketing and video SEO.