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Viral Video Marketing Until recently only the large companies with massive budgets had the resources to perform multivariate and split testing. Today with National Video Works and Google Website Optimizer companies of all sizes can boost their conversion rates guaranteed!!! This year the ‘smart’ companies can see their conversion rates increase by 100, 200 or even 300 percent while those that don’t test will see their orders decline and have no idea who stole their business away.

Video Services

The key to a successful online video campaign lies in the video itself. You have to produce a video that combines informational content with a subtle marketing slant, much the way a good infomercial does.

To be successful, we make sure your video has the appropriate calls-to-action and information that will make your video a success with your target audience.


Video Production

Our goal is to create a compelling, branded, high-resolution commercial video that will generate traffic and interest in your products and services. We combine photos and videos with music to produce a TV and film-quality video to be viewed by your target audience. For more information on our video production, click here .


Video Submission

Video submission is a critical factor in getting your video content viewed on the top video distribution websites. We will make your video unique and manually submit it to 5 video submission websites per month. For more information on our submission services, click here .

Video Optimization

Video search engine optimization, or VSEO, helps your videos get ranked higher on video websites such as YouTube, as well as on major search engines. Optimizing your title to match your keywords and knowing where and how to upload your video are both factors that help promote it online. You can read more about VSEO on our video optimization page.

Video Spokesperson

Our video spokesperson technology lets a real person walk onto your website to talk to the visitor, all while they are looking around. The result is a cost effective way to capture your audience’s attention, enhance your image and drive sales.