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Your Online Video Marketing Campaign

Video search engine optimization, also known as video SEO, is one of the best marketing strategies to cost effectively drive an immense amount of traffic to your company’s website.

Let us help to grow your business by:

  • Increasing visibility on YouTube as well as across multiple search engines
  • Augmenting your search engine rankings
  • Increasing page views and repeat visits from users
  • Reaching your targeted consumers by appropriate keywords
  • Enhancing your company’s competitive advantage
  • Providing dedicated reporting to see your benefits
    from video SEO

Video SEO is the process of promoting your videos to the top search results of YouTube, Google, and many other major search engines.

So what do you need for a successful video SEO campaign?

Our experts at National Positions will help you will each step of your online video marketing campaign. We can help you to best create a professional video promoting your company while doing so in the most cost effective way. Our experts can help you to properly format your video to be uploaded onto various platforms around the web as well as to help with submitting thumbnails and associated video and meta content. At National Positions, one of our main goals is to help your company achieve high rankings on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Additionally, we want to help your company integrate your videos into various places around the web including social media websites. After uploading your video, we will help you to best optimize and promote your video.

The Universal Search Optimization Opportunity

Search engines are now offering blended results which now not only offer text links but also news, images, and video links. It is actually 52% easier for your company’s link to appear in these blended or universal search results than it is in the regular organic search results. For example, Google has altered its search engine to also show video links in addition to the traditional text results. In these blended search results, 38% of Google’s universal search results include video links.

Blended search results like this can benefit your company because these search engines will rank your video content higher in order to ensure that the searches consistently display appropriately mixed search results. Additionally, there is a lot of video content available on the web, yet only a small fraction of these videos have been properly submitted. What this means is that these videos that have not been properly submitted to the different search engines are not included in their indexes.

Our experts here at National Positions can help with your online video marketing to create and optimize your company’s videos to get you to the top of these major search engine’s universal results in days and not months, which is how long it takes with organic search engine optimization. Through video metrics and reports, our experts here at National Positions can make that your company not only achieves but also maintains these high rankings on search engines results from online video marketing.