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Video Optimization

Video Search Engine Optimization,
Video SEO, or VSEO

is the tactical strategy to get your videos viewed by as many people as possible. To accomplish this you need effective video optimization so your videos rank at the top of YouTube as well as other major search engines.

There are 3 aspects that need to be considered:

  • Video Production
  • Video Submissions
  • Video Promotion

Video Production Tactics

It goes without saying that your video must inform, educate or entertain to be successful. The video should combine valuable content with a subtle selling message, much the way a good infomercial does. To be successful make sure your video has the appropriate call-to-actions i.e. the name of your business, current rates/specials that you're promoting, etc.

Video Submissions for Powerful Video SEO

The first step to getting found is to submit your videos to YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video etc.

To get the most out of your video SEO strategy, it is a good idea to make each video submission a little different so that your video looks unique to the search engines.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider to make your video submission a success.

Naming your Video

Keyword research is just as important for video search engine optimization as it is for regular SEO. You need to understand the most popular phrases people are typing in to the video directories to find videos like yours. Then simply name your video after these keyword phrases.

An example might be “Buying-an-engagement- ring.avi”

Create a Channel on YouTube

If you have not already done so, set up a company channel on YouTube with your own unique branding and positioning. A channel contains your profile, videos and favorites. Channels allow visitors to view your other videos and to bookmark, review and comment on your videos. This component of your VSEO strategy is important in the promotion of your video (as we will discuss later).

Creating a Title for your Video

The title of the video is critical to the success of your video SEO campaign. Again keep in mind the keyword research you have done. For those of you familiar with the webpage title tag, the title of the video is similar, the difference is that the title needs to be catchy and entice people to want to click on the video.

The title of your video will also help the search engines to index and rank your video content.

Following on from the previous example we might call the title “Dumb Things Guys Do When Buying an Engagement Ring”

Video Thumbnails

Choosing the right video thumbnail can have a significant effect on your video view-rate. The video thumbnail is what shows up in video search results and the right image can encourage or discourage viewers to watch your video.

Writing the Video Description

The description field needs to include some of your primary keywords for effective video optimization. The description should be interesting and sounding natural. You might want to consider adding keywords that relate to brands, locations and services offered.

Setting Public Permissions

If you want your search results to show up you have to always make sure that your video is set for public consumption

Tagging your Video

Most of the video hosting sites including YouTube allow you to tag your videos with keyword tags. We recommend that you again use your primary keywords but this time include secondary keyword tags as well.

Integrating Video SEO with Your Social Media Strategy

You should upload your videos to Facebook and MySpace. Tweet and link your videos from your Twitter and LinkedIn account to boost exposure. Also remember to incorporate your videos on your blogs and forums to further your video SEO strategy. National Positions’ video SEO services with National Video Works can help you integrate your social media marketing with video marketing. Using social media to get followers to view and comment on your videos is a great way to promote your video.


Video Promotion with Video SEO

Search Engines and Video directories such as YouTube consider 'video views’, 'positive feedback', and embedded links to the video as the major factors related to ranking your video and powerful video SEO.


Video Embedded Links

National Video Works, a division of National Positions, generates video embedded links monthly to promote your video. The more links pointing to your site from other sites the more popular the ranking of your video.

Video Comments and Feedback Ratings

It is a good idea to encourage people to view and comment on your videos. The more views the more popular your video and the higher the rankings.