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National Video Works and National Positions

National Video Works is a division of our company, National Positions. This specific division has been set up to do viral video marketing and to help strategically setup your company’s viral video marketing campaigns. Our experts here at National Positions are very experienced with video marketing on the web and can help you through each step of the web video marketing process.

National Positions is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with additional offices in India and South Africa. Our company, National Positions, is one of the fastest growing Internet Marketing companies in the world today. This rapid growth is attributed to our excellent track record, established relationships with major search engines and outstanding levels of client support. With retention rates of over 95%, National Positions stands out as one of the best Internet advertising companies available to your company. By leveraging our international presence, proprietary technology, high work standards, and competitive pricing, National Positions is positioned to grow its leadership position in this fast paced market.